Everything you need to know about LIMAL

FAQ - General

No, LIMAL has the marketplace expertise - you only need to be an expert on your products, but you can contribute your knowledge at any point.

Marketplaces are the strongest growing sector in e-commerce, here goods of all kinds are brought to the man or woman, so it is important for every manufacturer to deal with the opportunities of the new sales channels. We would be happy to analyze your opportunities and sales potential with you!

No, we are driven by keeping the complexity for you as low as possible., by only one connection to our ERP system you can sell on all our marketplaces. In addition you have also from the beginning a contact person, who will accompany you during the whole cooperation.

No, we work with modular service components that are combined and adapted to your needs.

Absolutely, a hybrid appearance on the marketplaces brings many advantages and can offset or supplement most of the negative effects of a direct business. The launch of new products can be accelerated significantly via the seller model, the influence on sales prices can be increased enormously, and a fallback option is created that can be vital for survival in fragile retail relationships.

Marketplace trading is only one part of the E-Commerce: we are experts in this area and can ideally pursue the overall strategy together with your experts.

We are interested in a sustainable and long-term cooperation: in order to be able to lay a healthy foundation for this, we work without long contractual obligations and also offer our 3-month trial subscription, as a test possibility.

With pleasure! We work with established and lived processes that are immediately scalable and can be applied for you.

FAQ - Marketplaces

No, on the contrary, by working with LIMAL as a commission agent for commissaries, you retain full control.

No, the connection to LIMAL is quite sufficient.

No, the usual thing is integration into our existingthe stores. However, you can set up your own stores or integrate existing ones or control them from LIMAL..

No, we can also handle reduced starting assortments excellently and always find a suitable solution.

No, not necessarily, LIMAL offers a variety of possibilities for display here.

No, LIMAL takes over the customer contact completely. The direct exchange on customer topics always takes place via the in-house LIMAL-customer service.

Absolutely, exactly this product was the cornerstone of our foundation over 20 years ago. It can be wonderfully combined with the assortment business and can alsoand can also offer an excellent business model in its own right.

No, not at all. We are happy to take you on from the start at the hand and build up the necessary knowledge together with you. Professional off-boarding is also part of this for us, for example, the handover of your own marketplace store is possible. Hybrid structures are also possible here, for example, for the transition.

FAQ - Logistics

LIMAL has for goods of all kinds also the suitable Full-service logistics services.

Of course also a dropshipment-solution is no problem.

Yes, due to the possibility of "One-stock" inventory management, the hybrid solution brings many advantages.

Our parcel shipping partners are DHL, UPS, GLS, FedEx, Hermes & DPD. In addition, we also offer freight forwarding shipments to the curb or to the point of use with 2-man handling.

Of course! There are also possibilities to use our conditions in their locations.

We have not answered all their questions?

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